Monday, March 22, 2010

Days 5 & 6

Day 5: This morning we all got dressed in our Sunday best and went to a downtown church. The church was beautiful, and once again, they loved our songs and skits. In fact, they videotaped the skits and asked for a copy of the soundtracks so they could work on a Dominican version of our skits. I told Chris Cata his theatrical masterpieces were going international!

At 4:00 we attended another service and didn't leave there until 8:00. They know how to do church down here! Pastor Wes preached and I translated his message into Spanish. There were probably 50 people who came forward at the altar call. Praise God!

After the service our kids played and danced around to worship music with all the Dominican children. It was quite a scene.
Day 6: Today was a unique and fun day. We woke up early and loaded up two buses to take a two-hour trip into the mountains. There is a poor village up there called Tireo where we staged another free medical/dental clinic. On the way up the mountain, we saw beautiful plantations of coffee, flowers, and vegetables. We even stopped to buy freshly-picked strawberries. What a treat!
While the medical clinic was running, our team set up shop outside in the street and performed our skits. The crowds loved it. I gave an altar call and had our kids lay hands on those who responded. It was truly powerful.
After lunch at the local pastor's home, we visited the village school and did our performances again. As usual, we were very warmly received.
Please pray for tomorrow, as we have a very busy day of ministry, including a visit to a youth detention center, a TV appearance, and a school for the deaf.


  1. This was the first time an AMerican youth group ever did anything in Tireo. The pastor was so pleased. He is reaching out to the whole valley, with a school program, Bible studies and two churches. The 4 dentists treated 150 kids, and the two doctors prescribed medicine for over 110 children and adults. Even for some of the Dominicans it was their first missions trip!

    The inauguration service Sunday in Los Rieles was beyond our expectation. To see over 200 people fill the church, to have so many come forward for salvation, to be part of such joy and celebration.... It was truly a thanksgiving service. Thank you to all who came, gave, prayed, made a difference in the lives of our precious Dominicans.

  2. Thank you Debbie for your encouraging words. I was excited to read about the outreach in Tireo.

    As always, you are such a blessing to our students, staff and chaperones - please know we appreciate all that you do for the Lord, the DR people as well as what you do for Calvary Academy.

  3. Once again I stand amazed at His goodness and power when His children step out faithfully to serve!